THE THING (1982) Regular Credit One Sheet

TitleThe Thing
Year of Release1982
DirectorJohn Carpenter
StarsKurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David
GenreHorror, Sci-Fi
Type of PosterOne Sheet
Style of PosterRegular Credit Style (Studio Version)
Year of Poster1982
ArtistDrew Struzan
Size (inches)27″x41″
Single/Double SidedSingle

The Thing, the 1982 John Carpenter horror sci-fi thriller, is based on the story “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell Jr. It is a re-make of the 1951 movie “The Thing from Another World”, also based on the same story. This is one of Carpenter’s best movies, and in many ways, it is more enjoyable and superior to the original version.

There appear to be three different versions of this poster, the only difference being the placement of Kurt Russell’s credit and the bottom white border. On this poster, he is listed at lower left in a not very prominent position and there is no film title in the bottom border (studio version).

On the other posters, he is listed separately on his own line and some of those posters have a title in the bottom border (NSS version) and some do not (studio version). Perhaps he was not happy with his billing on this poster and new posters were printed with the different credits arrangement.

All three styles are believed to be original first release posters. However, according to reports and sources, some rolled regular credit posters (like this one) might be printed and sold by the studio to dealers well after 1982. This theory sort of explains the huge supplies of this version in excellent condition on the market.

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